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Pooh`s 100 Acre Wood Golf
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Disney Coloring
Peter Pan
Captain Hook Sort My Tiles
The Incredibles
Incredible Girl Dress Up
Little Mermaid
Triton and Ariel Puzzle
Lion King
Lion King Sort my Tiles
Alice In Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Dress Up

Your favorite Disney Channel Games to play online

Welcome to our Disney Channel Games website, the right place to be if you're searching for Games featuring some of your favorite disney characters of all tine. Take a look at our huge collection of disney games, choose your favorite characters that fits you best and start playing these games.

Disney World Games - The best games that you can play
Pizza Party Pickup Pizza Party Pickup Posted in Zack & Cody
Zack and Cody are throwing a fun pizza party and Maddie and London decided to
Olivers Treasure Hunt Olivers Treasure Hunt Posted in Hannah Montana
Oliver wants to find some treasures for Hannah Montana and her friends but he
Kim Possible Drakken`s  Lair Kim Possible Drakken`s Lair Posted in Kim Possible
Kim Possible and Ron need to stop Dr Drakken`s evil plans before he destroys
Tarzan Coloring Game Tarzan Coloring Game Posted in Tarzan
Play with Tarzan and his animal friends and color all of them like they look in
Royal Retrieval Royal Retrieval Posted in Princess
The princesses have lost their magic objects and you have to find all of them
Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Posted in Cinderella
Cinderella needs to get to the castle until the stroke of midnight but she
Pixie Puzzle Pixie Puzzle Posted in Tinkerbell
In this puzzle game you have to chose an image that you like the most then the
Mickey Coloring Book Mickey Coloring Book Posted in Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are bored with the way that they look and they
Alice in Wonderland Dress Up Alice in Wonderland Dress Up Posted in Alice In Wonderland
Alice is going to Wonderland once again and she wants to look like a princess
Snow White Way to Whistle Snow White Way to Whistle Posted in Snow White
Snow White needs to prove to the dwarfs that she can whistle too and you have
Jasmine Dress Up Jasmine Dress Up Posted in Aladdin
Jasmine wants to meet Aladdin at a party tonight but she`s tired of her old
Ariel Water Ballet Ariel Water Ballet Posted in Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid wants to learn ballet but she can`t do it without knowing
Peter Pan Hook`s Dart Camp Peter Pan Hook`s Dart Camp Posted in Peter Pan
Peter Pan decided to play darts with Captain Hook so that he will recover his
Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Posted in Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is looking for an outfit that she can meet the prince in but
Pocahontas Dress Up Pocahontas Dress Up Posted in Pocahontas
Pocahontas has to get ready for a new day and she wants to look beautiful even
Cars Ramone`s Body Art Cars Ramone`s Body Art Posted in Cars
If you like the Disney series Cars then you will like this game because you
American Dragon The Huntsclan Traps American Dragon The Huntsclan Traps Posted in American Dragon
The American Dragon needs to catch all his enemies into their own traps by
Lion King Letters Lion King Letters Posted in Lion King
The Lion King characters want to play so they have hidden all the alphabet
Little Belle Dress Up Little Belle Dress Up Posted in Beauty and the Beast
Little Belle is in danger and you have to help her disguise so that people
Chicken Little Batting Practice Chicken Little Batting Practice Posted in Chicken Little
Chicken Little wants to learn how to play baseball so he is on the field but he
Bolt to the Rescue Bolt to the Rescue Posted in Bolt
Penny has been kidnapped by Dr Calico and his minions and Bolt has to stop the
Wall-E and Eve Wall-E and Eve Posted in Wall E
Wall-E wants to get to Eve before time runs out so you have to help him avoid
Meet the Robinsons Invent-O-Rama Meet the Robinsons Invent-O-Rama Posted in Meet the Robinsons
The funny characters from Meet the Robinsons want to play a game and they need
Enchanted Quest Enchanted Quest Posted in Enchanted
Collect all the potions so that you have more power and watch out for the
All-Star Cheer All-Star Cheer Posted in Playhouse
Minnie and Daisy want to become cheerleaders but for that they need to practice
Princess and the Frog Dreamland Princess and the Frog Dreamland Posted in Princess and the Frog
The princess and the frog are going on a new magical adventure so they need to
Boo`s Hide and Scream Boo`s Hide and Scream Posted in Monsters Inc
Boo wants to scare the monsters like they scared her and now she has to do it
Donald Duck Coloring Donald Duck Coloring Posted in Donald Duck
Donald Duck wants to go to a Halloween party and he needs your help to look
Toy Story Marbleous Missions Toy Story Marbleous Missions Posted in Toy Story
In this game you have to collect Marbz ,find the switches to open locked items
Winnie the Pooh Tigger`s Cloud Hop Winnie the Pooh Tigger`s Cloud Hop Posted in Winnie the Pooh
Tigger loves bouncing and he wants to reach as far as he can in the sky but he
Manic Mayhem Manic Mayhem Posted in Lilo and Stich
Help Stitch escape from Gantu and get home to Lilo safe by not letting them
Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate`s Conquest Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate`s Conquest Posted in Pirates of the Caribbean
You are one of the greatest pirates of the World and now you have to prove it
Power Rangers Dress Up Power Rangers Dress Up Posted in Power Rangers
The Power Rangers are always on the run and they have lots of difficult
Leaf Boarding Leaf Boarding Posted in Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers want to get across the river but they need your help
Cory Bobblehead Run Cory Bobblehead Run Posted in Cory in the House
Sophie likes playing games so she has hidden bobble heads all over the house
Finding Nemo Paper Toys Finding Nemo Paper Toys Posted in Finding Nemo
Nemo is a beautiful fish but if you think he can look better than that then
Down Perry Scope Down Perry Scope Posted in Phineas and Ferb
In this game you have to help Phineas and Ferb complete their mission of
Ratatouille Kitchen Chaos Ratatouille Kitchen Chaos Posted in Ratatouille
It`s a very busy night at Gusteau`s and Ratatouille must throw the right
The Incredibles Know Your Strenght The Incredibles Know Your Strenght Posted in The Incredibles
Prove that you are one of the Incredibles and throw the paper balls into the
Puff`s Skate Jam Puff`s Skate Jam Posted in The Proud Family
In this game you have to guide Puff who is on his skateboard and get him back
Joe Jonas Demi Lovato Kiss Joe Jonas Demi Lovato Kiss Posted in The Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato love each other and you have to help them kiss for as
Lord Farquaad Online Coloring Lord Farquaad Online Coloring Posted in Shrek
Lord Farquaad is not a good character but he sure is funny where he is trying
The Prince of Persia The Prince of Persia Posted in Prince of Persia
The aim of this game is to help Prince of Persia navigate the dungeon and stop
Robin Hood Sort my Tiles Robin Hood Sort my Tiles Posted in Robin Hood
From the animated series of Robin Hood ,the fox archer has a beautiful picture

Your favorite games from Disney in one place

If you where wondering where to play old disney channel games then you came to the right flash games online website because here you can play both classic and new games online for free from channels like Disney Junior, Disney Playhouse or Disney XD the digital cable and satellite television channel.

We bring you the magical World of Disney online in a huge collection of games and the most popular characters. Choose your favorite character from our categories list or check out the new releases to find your type of games that you want to play online.

Welcome to the magical world of Disney

The world created by Walt Disney is unique and the characters that he has brought to life are indeed magical and can be watched by both children and parents.

Here you can follow your favorite heroes on their quests, discover new magical places full of challenges and mysteries, and play a key role in their stories.

The world's most recognizable Disney characters

Mickey Mouse, anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves, is a funny animal cartoon character and the mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

Aladdin, disguises himself as a wealthy prince, and tries to impress the Sultan and his daughter after he finds a magic lamp that contains a genie.

The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a young lion who is to succeed his father and take his place in the Circle of Life as the rightful King.

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